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Aspirations in Children's Garden Home

Will you give these children a little lift, a word of encouragement, a pat on the shoulder to help them fly towards their dreams? This page has been updated with the help of beneficiaries Sharon Chebet and Diana Muthoni in Nov 2016.


Diana Muthoni

Diana: "My wish is to be a neurosurgeon to heal others."


Dominic: "I dream to be an entrepreneur and create jobs for many."


Joyce: "Music makes me feel like a bird in the sky. I wish to be a musician."


Keziah: "My aspiration is to be a fashion designer."

Sharon Chebet

Sharon: "I wish to be a lawyer who bring justice to the disadvantaged people."

Morgan Ng'ang'a

Morgan: "I dream to be a pilot so that I can fly all over the world."

Snaida Barasa

Tina: "I aspire to be an event organizer in the hospitality industry."

James Karano

James: "My dream is to be a mechanical engineer."

Margaret Waithera

Margaret: "I love cooking and wish to be the best chef in Kenya."

Anthony Maina

Anthony: "I aspire to be a gastro-intestinal surgeon."

Mercy Waithera

Mercy: "I love to catwalk and hope to be a fashion model."

Josphat Kamau

Josphat: "Everday I sing, every night I dream to be a guitarist."

Lucy Njeri

Lucy: "I wish to be a journalist and report what happens across the world."

Raphael Kanini

Raphael: "Acrobatics is fun and exciting for me. I hope to be a pro acrobat."

Aisha Mwajuma

Aisha: "I love cooking and my dream is to be a chef."




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Moses Barasa

Moses Barasa

"I was 10 years old when my mother sent me to live here in the Children's Garden Home. I came from Kuluru, which is at the Kenyan border with Uganda. That was 8 years ago. My father had divorced my mother, and she could not take care of our family of six. When I first arrived, there were only 7 children and we had to all squeezed into Daddy Moses' one-room shanty. I grew up here and see this place as my home. My passion is football and I play for a local club. My dream is to play for a European football club. And then I want to come back and help my brothers and sisters. As an assistant coach in the school, I learn to be patient when training the young ones. All the kids love my coaching but I hope to learn proper coaching skill so as to help them improve better. And I wish that one day, we can all train with football boots."

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