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Befriending our children is easy, fun and meaningful. You may send them an email about yourself, write them a postcard and send them wishes with a Christmas card. The children will be most delighted to hear from you. They are also very curious about your life and cultures from a world outside of theirs. So do extend the warmth of your friendship.

Our children have no individual Internet access. As guardian of our children, all emails from befrienders will be screened by our staff before printing out and handing them to the children through their teachers. So please be patient with their replies.




Muge is a student spiritual leader who leads devotion worship sessions.


Mureen is an expert at braiding hair and aspires to be a hairdresser.


Daniel is our resident cowherd and no one beats him at milking.


Sarah loves to sing, dance and play football. She aspires to be a lawyer.


Shaddrack loves fixing things and aspires to be an electrical engineer.


Phanise loves yoga and she teaches yoga to all the children in school.


Duncan likes to read chemistry, biology, history and agriculture books.


Irene loves to sing, dance, read.


John operates the Posho Mill and learns hands-on about running a social business.




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Monicah Wanjiru

Monicah Wanjiru

Monicah does not know much about her parents. Her grandmother looked after her since she was 2 years old. Monicah was made to do chores like cleaning, looking after children, collecting firewood and was not allowed to attend school. In 2004 when she was 6 years old, a member of a nearby church brought her to a Children Officer who sent her to Children’s Garden Home.

“I am very happy living here since the first day I stepped in. Here, I am given love, care, shelter, education and good life values. I like reading and I'm good at my study and always come first or second in my class. My dream is to travel, dance and be of service to others. When I have enough savings, I will bring 3 children from the Home to live with me so that I can take care of them. My other dream is to buy the land next to our home and build a school for the secondary children as their classrooms are now in the living quarters."


Ksh.40,000 /

Supports One Child through 1 Year of Homecare + School
Ksh.160,000 / US$2,200
Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education
Ksh.400,000 / US$5,400
Supports One Child through 10 Years of Homecare + Pre-primary & Primary Education
Ksh.565,000 / US$7,500
Supports One Child through 14 Years of Homecare + School from Pre-primary to Secondary Education

Ksh.160,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

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