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Moses and Sylvia Ndung'u

Moses and Sylvia Ndung'u
Founders and Executive Directors

Since the founding of the Children's Garden Home in 2001, it has been home sweet home to Daddy Moses and Mum Sylvia, and their three lovely daughters, Kezia, Helena and Analisa. Moses and Sylvia believes that all the children in the home are as precious as their own. Thus their daughters live, play and attend the same school with the children. The trademark smile of the Ndung'u radiates love and joy.



Mr. Moses Ndung'u
Mrs. Sylvia Ndung'u
Senior Pastor Jacob Kuria Mwathi
Mr. Kamau Joseph
Mrs. Mary Wacu  
Ms Sonal Nagda  
Mrs Prisca Onyono  



Marcellus Nagachi Mang'ong'oMarcellus Nagachi Mang'ong'o

"I was helping to distribute bread and milk to street child beggars at the marketplace when Moses chanced upon me. He suggested to me instead of feeding the kids, why not start a school to teach them how to feed themselves. I was touched by Moses' vision and joined him when he started Children's Garden Home in 2001. Our beginning was so humble, just a dusty classroom. We've come a long way and it's been a hard struggle. Sometimes when there's not enough bread, we have to resort to giving the children thinner slices. But we are happy that the children are happy."


Lucy WanjiruLucy Wanjiru

"I've been taking care of all the children in the home for the last 3 years. My daughters, Joy and Sister, are also living here with all the children. Every 2 to 3 months, I'll take a 5 hour bus journey to see the rest of my family in Kisii, Nyanza province. As there is no pipe-in water at the home, I'm always concerned about children’s safety as they need to cross the road to a nearby river to fetch water for the daily needs. I'm grateful to visitors who support our home to make things better."



Marcellus Nagachi Mang'ong'oStanley Kitili
Geography Teacher

"There is no bigger joy than growing up here in CGH and years later I become part of solution to challenges of this home. Working with my young brothers and sisters at CGH gives me peace and happiness. I've been brought up here since I was 7 years old and now I'm giving back as a Geography volunteer teacher while studying in Kenyatta University taking a course in education, majoring in English language."


Lucy WanjiruOliver Jack Lemoir
Primary School Teacher

"I have been raised here in CGH since 2011. I finished high school in 2014 and stayed on as a volunteer teacher in the primary school. I feel proud to be helping my brothers and sisters. I'm now studying business management at the Kenya Institute of Business Management."


Lucy WanjiruVeronica Ngina
Primary School Teacher

"I have been in CGH since I was in grade 4. It's been nice growing in a place full of cultural diversity, love and care. I'm now a volunteer teacher in the primary school and I love what I'm doing. I'm joining Zetech College in Jan 2017 to study food and nutritional science."


Lucy WanjiruBeth Wanini
Primary School Teacher

"I believe happiness is not measured by how much you have or how wealthy you are but by the positive impact and smile you put on others. I'm glad that someone helped to put a smile on my face and that's exactly what I'm doing to my younger brothers and sisters. I have a passion for music and it's what I wish to study. I want to change the world through music. I'm currently teaching the small children in grade 1."


Lucy WanjiruKelly Lunani
Primary School Teacher

"I've been a volunteer teacher since Jan 2016. I love CGH because of the love and cooperation manifested by everyone. Interacting with the kids is like an 8th wonder of the world. Their smile always and socialize well with each other. I'm always encouraged to use the resources available and give them my best."


Lucy WanjiruThomas Nyamongo
Primary School Teacher



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Senior Pastor Jacob Kuria Mwathi

Senior Pastor Jacob Kuria Mwathi

Jacob is a member of board of trustee of Children’s Garden Home. He resides in London, UK, is a senior pastor of The Glory Of Jesus Christ Int. Ministry and Director of Jopa Auto Garage, a car repair business in London.

“The state has failed the children very badly. Funds are supposed to be set aside for social welfare to take care of children from disadvantaged background but it is not so. I am glad that institutions like Children’s Garden Home are providing a future to children who have no parents and guardians to help them in their times of needs. Here, we give them food, shelter and love and most importantly, a direction for their future via education and vocational training. This is to ensure that when the children finished their basic secondary Form IV levels as young adults, they do not turn to crimes on the street. For those who are academically inclined, they can get a job to save money for higher studies in professional areas. For others, we will equip them with vocational or entrepreneurial skills. One of the projects being set up now is a motor mechanic workshop to introduce the subject to higher secondary teens and eventually specialize in Form V & VI. It is our vision to nurture our children to be of service to the community."


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