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Volunteering in Children's Garden Home
Volunteer Regina Ebner from Australia

Volunteering at Children's Garden Home is about giving love, uplifting lives and empowering the young minds to be the best they can be.

We seek volunteers with a heart to serve, are patient and innovative, and are in love with these children.

There are many opportunities for volunteers and interns that promise immense satisfaction.



Game Masters Civil Engineer / Construction
Teaching Assistants Agriculture Volunteers
Summer Volunteers HIV / AIDS Volunteers
College Students / Interns Administrative Volunteers
Nurse / Healthcare Volunteers Accountant / Banker Volunteers
Community / Business Development Carpenter / Vocational Training


GameMasters You will be responsible for developing and conducting programmes in sports, music and recreation, with activities like games, evening walk, children exercises, and story telling. You will have an opportunity to learn Kenyan traditional dance and songs from our children.

Required Skills: You should be physically fit, possess good communication skills, be understanding, and enjoy children. Experience in training/teaching children is an advantage but not essential.

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Teaching Assistants You will work in support of our teachers, and be responsible for:
  • Assisting teachers in our Primary or Secondary School
  • Coordinating our after-school and holiday education program
  • Assessing children's academic progress
  • Assisting in marking and delegating academic assignment students

Required Skills: Your should be able to speak English, enjoy children, are self-motivated, creative and willing to learn. Experience in training/teaching students is an advantage but not an essential.

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Summer Volunteers You have an open opportunity to try different roles and activities, depend upon your interests, experience or skills e.g. be a gamemaster, teaching assistant, baby sit, draw and paint with the children, help in construction, do carpentry work, community projects, conduct training in sports, music, dances etc.

Fieldwork: Visit to the slums, homes for data collection, laundry work, milking cows, cultivating our garden, fetching greens from the garden, foodstuff preparation, cooking, serving children, cleaning dishes, running errands, counseling children on hygiene issues, and many more.

Required Skills: Any training in any of the above areas is an advantage but not essential, physically fit, good communication skill, and enjoy children.

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College Students / Interns This position is ideal for students of non-profit, international or business development, management, social studies, community development, sociology or related subjects. It is also ideal for those interested in studying African culture or African Language or focus study on Africa and developing countries. This involves working with children, youth and women.

Required Skills: Anyone who is willing to learn and work with the children is welcome.

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Nurse / Healthcare Volunteers You will support our staff and be responsible for:
  • Health provision and first aid for the 250 children in the Home.
  • Maintenance of all Home and School medical supplies.
  • Bi-monthly health checks for the children.

The health volunteer will also have a chance to take our children for further medical check up or medication.

Required Skills: Nursing or health related skills, willingness to learn and work with children.

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Community / Business Development Volunteers You will work with the local community and assist families to become self-sustainable and/or develop businesses that would improve their lives. You will engage with local groups and key community members and work in conjunction with our staff. You may have the opportunity to work with local women groups to develop low-cost programmes/activities for self-empowerment.

Required Skills: You should have a grasp of basic business principles, are creativity, understanding and patience. Past experience with self-help, low-cost empowerment projects would be an advantage.

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Civil Engineer / Construction Volunteers You will assist our home in various construction and renovation projects for purpose of expansion and sustainability. We seek volunteers who are able to provide technical advice, supervision and organization of construction projects for the building of the Boys Dormitory, Secondary School Block and the Laboratory.

Required Skills: Experience in architecture, building and construction is preferred but not a must; grant or funding proposal writing skills, fluent in English.

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Agriculture Volunteers We have farming, greenhouse and animal husbandry programmes. We seek volunteers who have relevant experience to enhance the children's learning experience and for sustainability.

Required Skills: Any training in any of the above areas is an advantage but not essential; you should be physically fit, possess good communication skill and enjoy children.

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HIV / AIDS Volunteers You will provide counseling and education to our children and the surrounding community on prevention measures, food, nutrition and need to live positively to the infected people. You will be assisted by a social worker. HIV work experience is not essential, but you should have prior knowledge about causes, prevention and solution for HIV/AIDS.

Required Skills: HIV/AIDS experience would be an advantage but not essential, ready to listen and have broad understanding and good communication skill, and enjoy children.

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Administrative Volunteers You will help our management to develop our office policy and set-up so as to improve the service delivery to the children:
  • Helping with the administration of the organization
  • Development of new marketing means
  • Project proposal and fundraising
  • Education and integration of new volunteers
  • Report writing and coordination on site (update manuals) as well as working with the children.

Required Skills: Experience in administration, management, development or related subjects.

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Accountant / Banker Volunteers You will work with our Accountant in developing and strengthening accounting system of our project, with major responsibility of:
  • Coordination of our account office
  • Keeping account records
  • Fund raising for the underway projects with micro-loans
  • Research into investment opportunities
  • Strengthening sustainability projects
  • Financial Project assessment

Required Skills: Micro-credit or business related training, willingness to learn and work with our staff on the financial matter and interaction with our children.

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Carpenter / Vocational Trainer Volunteers You will help to develop training programmes and conduct training to our older boys in carpentry skills, welding and other vocational skills.

Required Skills: Knowledge in vocational training and skills, interaction with older boys, ready to teach, fluent in English and enjoy children.

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Boma Adventures LtdMs Devna Pandit, Director of Boma Adventures Ltd and also a volunteer with Children's Garden Home, has kindly put the services of her company in Nairobi at the disposal of our volunteers. She helps international volunteers with travel arrangement from air ticketing to hotel booking to safari packages. Ms Devna will contribute USD10/USD5 to Children's Garden Home for each international/regional air ticket bought through her company. Contact Devna to explore your travel options from wherever you are to/from Kenya.



Joseph graduated with an B. Business Administration degree and has interned at Children's Garden Home for 2 months: "I was brought up in a children's home so I feel very good to work with and help the children here in the Children's Garden Home. I just feel it might be time for me to give back, like the teaching in the bible: ‘do good to others as they do good to you’. By teaching and giving the children an education, it will assure the children of a better future."



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Volunteer (Singapore)
Tai Jin Chin

Tai Jin Chin

"Our 2 months of voluntary experience in Children's Garden Home has been tremendously delightful and meaningful for me and my family. Moses and Sylvia hosted us like family. Having the opportunity to live in the home with the children and the staff really gave us a deeper insight into their life, and we cherish greatly the friendship and bonding with everyone. We are honoured to be returning home to Singapore with a big extended family of children and good friends in Kenya. Knowing the children well and understanding the daily challenges of the home has allowed us to offer assistance and devise aid programmes of relevance and significance to the children here. There is so much to be done so we sincerely hope that more volunteers would come, stay and support Moses and Sylvia to achieve self-sustainability for Children's Garden Home with more self-help initiatives under the LittleFingy's social enterprise that was started in 2011."


Voluntary Social Worker
Mary Wambui

Mary Wambui

"I have been supporting the Children's Garden Home for the past one year. I come regularly to talk to the children to ascertain their well being. For disturbed children, I would provide a listening ear and counseling. The children here have a very strong sense of belonging. All thanks to the management of this home, Moses and family. They are not just running a program for the children but they have the kids' interest at heart. It is costly to send all the children from the home to attend outside schools. So having a school within the home is the best alternative. However, the most pressing need here is the lack of permanent teaching staff. I truly appreciate all the help given to the children here. These kids are motivated, they just need a little support from us to fly."


Ksh.50,000 /

Supports One Child through 1 Year of Homecare + School
Ksh.200,000 / US$2,000
Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education

Ksh.300,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

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